Welcome to my brief Tron-2.0-universe fanfic... It's just like a mod, without the mod... Well, consider it a Tron 2.0 mod story with the mod pending. It's set in the 2.0 universe entirely.

For those who have only just started reading this, here's the background. I didn't like the ending of Tron 2.0 and wondered how a decent Mod might follow, building on the story presented while building on the original story of Tron, while adding some of the elements of the original story and mixing in some pseudo-science-fiction.

This story examines what might have happened if only Jet Bradley really recalled what went on inside the computer and if before he had left, he realised he had fallen for the program Mercury.

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This is a work in progress, with updates planned once a week, usually on a Friday but sometimes on a Thursday. There is no formatting other than HTML, so adjust your browser width for best fit. It is not a public work and represents a private discussion item for the Tron Sector forum. You shouldn't have reached this fanfic through any other means.

Just a quick note. I've been a little busy lately (March/April 2008) with home and work issues (as in just WAY too much going on, nothing bad or anything) which is taking my attention away from my hobby writing, so chapters are updating a little slowly at present. But they are updating. :)

Update: 10 May 2008. Just uploaded 2.32. Biggest chapter yet - around the size of three normal ones... Sorry about the size and delay. I finally got my house application off and am waiting to get approval so I can start building...

Update: 8 September 2008. OK, for those who have been following the saga behind this, I had a major Data Loss (Curse the evil MCP and his cold, heartless circuits!) and after recovering what I could, rewrote what was missing... At which point it decompressed on me and ended up being twice as long... I also got very ill with serious complications on my DVT that I got last year and had all kinds of problems with my house application, which has only just recently completed approval. However now the next four (missing) chapters are repaired and I'm on the home straight towards the finale. Sorry to my regular readers - it should be weekly updates from here on to the end. :)

Update: 11 October 2008. Another chapter up and my committment to one chapter a week until complete looks like it's achievable. Although it may not be apparent because I have a pipeline running now, but the end is coming and it feels close to me now. I hope those who have been following the story development like it so far and are enjoying it. It's been almost a year now and I'm hoping to complete the writing process one year after I started still.

Update: 23rd November 2008
All chapters are now complete. Look for an update: 27/11/2008

26th November 2008 ITS FINALLY COMPLETE!!!!!

Well, it's been 1 year, 1 month, 1 day and 1 hour, or thereabouts. Thankyou to Jademz for proofing many of the chapters early and contributing to the pipeline so I could concentrate on pushing forward to the end without any interruptions to the flow. Thanks also to Aldul, Cam_the_Man, laphtiya, tron_fanfare and all the others who all kept encouraging me to complete the story - especially after the data loss incident. Thanks of course to Disney, Steven Lisberger and the original creators of this incredible world and the worlds of Tron 2.0 which provided a playground for this fanfic extending on from the game.

Well, it's finally all here. 300,000 words, 41 chapters and 950+ pages ( 8pt text on A5 paper ). It's a little larger than the 20,000 or so words originally planned. I think I got carried away and kept writing until the story in my head was told and then I continued to write until it was finished. I only had a vague idea of what I was going to write up until the start of many of the later chapters and often when I got there, I discovered that the story had moved off in a different direction. I hope you all enjoy it and if you do, please leave a comment for me in the fanfic section of the Tron forum. :)

1 2.1 Synchronisation
2 2.11 Preamble
3 2.12 Source Address
4 2.13 Destination Address
5 2.14 Encapsulation
6 2.15 Adaption Layer
7 2.16 Fragmentation
8 2.17 Tarzip
9 2.18 Assymetric Path
10 2.19 User Access
11 2.20 Permissions
12 2.21 Real Time
13 2.22 Grep
14 2.23 Paging
15 2.24 Multi-user
16 2.25 System Failure
17 2.26 Out Of Band
18 2.27 Multithreaded
19 2.28 Resource Hungry
20 2.29 Biphase
21 2.30 Non Return to Zero
22 2.31 Pipeline
23 2.32 Drivers
24 2.33 Battlezone
25 2.34 Signal Injection
26 2.35 Escalated Permissions
27 2.36 Secure File Transfer
28 2.37 Non Maskable Interrupt
29 2.38 Power Hacking
30 2.39 Escape Sequence
31 2.40 Packet Prioritisation
32 2.41 Information Retrieval
33 2.42 Virtual Server
34 2.43 Bluescreen
35 2.44 Feedback Loop
36 2.45 Short Circuit
37 2.46 Forged Permissions
38 2.47 Quantum Downtime
39 2.48 Super User
40 2.49 Protocol Negotiation
41 2.50 Stop Bit